Editor’s Notes by Kendra Guidolin

  From the time I began working on this project with Rosemary, I’ve seen a vast breadth of development in her writing, in the story itself, as well as in the characters and their dynamics. The novel, though digestible in … Read More

Chapter Pending: Harvest Moon

  Author’s Note:   Here, we’re continuing on with the modern-day Phil pending chapter series which will be worked into the earlier sections of the novel during the editing and rewriting phase.  You’ll see here that I’m continuing to work … Read More

Chapter Pending: Claire’s Boxes

Author’s Note:   This is an excerpt rather than a chapter.  Part of the modern-day Phil chapters, it will be inserted early in the novel, probably after Vic’s explanation of ‘manifestation boxes’ to Phil which comes in the chapter ‘Boxes … Read More

Project Update

  It’s a bleak morning at the end of October, the perfect morning for disappearing into my story.  Before I dive into the vortex of my own imagination, however, I thought I’d take some time to share some of the … Read More

Chapter Pending: Self-Images

  Author’s Note:   Here goes: the last modern-day Phil chapter for this week.  We’re in the police station with him and his colleague Pete Saunders.     “I ask you,” said Saunders at the water station, scrolling through his … Read More

Chapter Pending: On the Rocks

  Author’s Note:   Here, we have yet another modern-day Phil chapter to be added to the beginning of the novel.  In these Phil chapters, you’ll start noticing that I’m beginning to work on Phil’s wife Claire, giving her some … Read More

Chapter Pending: Lunchroom Shenanigans

  Author’s Note:   This is another modern-day Phil chapter for the earlier section of the book.     What was it with these Victorians and their dining room tables? Phil thought, looking up from the manuscript.  I mean, seriously, … Read More

Chapter Pending: Intuiting Content

  Author’s Note:   I’ll be running quite a few new modern-day Phil chapters here on the ‘process’ section of the website, particularly Phil chapters which I’ll be inserting into the earlier parts of the novel.  One of the big … Read More

Chapter Pending: American Sand

  Author’s Note:   This very short chapter, called ‘American Sand’, which is narrated by Justine, will eventually be tucked into the chapters dealing with Justine’s marriage with Anthony Winterbourne.  If you go to the gallery and look closely at … Read More

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