Christine Kilfoil is a 2D artist and freelance illustrator based in Toronto, ON. She recently graduated from OCAD University with a degree in Illustration (BDes) and a minor in Digital & Media Studies. In the fall of September 2021, Christine will be studying Concept Art for Entertainment at George Brown College. She loves to work with people to come up with unique concepts and characters. She’s greatly influenced by themes of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, nostalgia, anatomy, identity, activism, and mythology. In her spare time, Christine is usually gaming with friends, whether that’s on a screen or a table top. 


Kendra is a dance artist and writer based in Toronto.  She holds an MA in creative writing from the University of New Brunswick and her work has appeared in ‘The Fiddlehead’, ‘Contemporary Verse 2 (CV2)’, ‘The Dalhousie Review’, ‘The Dance Current’ and ‘carte blanche’.


Michael Sniderman is an associate at Hall Webber LLP, recognised as one of Canada’s top boutique law firms practising in the areas of entertainment, corporate, intellectual property and information technology law. Michael represents clients ranging from film and television producers to musicians, screenwriters, performers, authors, and visual artists. He is currently the Vice Chair and Chief Legal Officer on the Board of Directors for SuiteLife Arts for Youth, a non-profit organisation that provides arts education and programs for Toronto’s youth.


Erika is a marketing and events professional focused on bringing innovative solutions for a better tomorrow. When she’s not working from 9 to 5, she hosts a mental health podcast, creates virtual events for an online festival, and does freelance marketing for small businesses.


Benjamin holds a B.A. in game design from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, and is working as a junior game designer at Tilting Point. Ben has worked on numerous games and storytelling projects.


Kenda is the founder and creative director of Kiwibcreative, a web design company based in Oakville, Ontario. Kenda began as an Art Director in the Canadian publishing industry and created her own company once the world of digital design opened up. For the past 20 years, Kiwibcreative has worked with countless clients throughout North America, helping them create unforgettable visual brands and captivating marketing materials. Kenda and her team of creative professionals work to bring the client’s vision from concept development to the final product.


Tanya Smith is an award winning photographer specialising in portraits for women. She is all about self-love, not self-sabotage and offers magazine style portraits for everyday women.