Based on the Victorian tradition of publishing chapters of a novel-in-progress in the weekly newspaper, the first version of ‘The Girl on Harlow Street’ was shared, in serial format, on this website from October 2019 to March 2021, culminating in a 104-chapter manuscript. While the principal storyline was established well before the creation of the site, this initial draft was written as publicly as a first draft could be written.  Once the chapters were reviewed legally, they were posted uncut alongside ‘behind-the-scenes’ articles and a growing gallery of illustrations by artist Christine Kilfoil, the purpose being to show readers the evolution of a story.  A small but mighty following of thirteen readers stayed the course throughout the process, providing insightful feedback and enthusiastic praise for the story.  With the novel’s first public run having ended in March, 2021, the novel began its second run on Patreon this past November.

The newly edited version of the saga contains new twists and turns, never-seen-before illustrations, and some big surprises for those who’ve already read the story.  It continues in serial format on Patreon with a two year (twenty four month) run.  If you opt to join the Patreon journey, you’ll receive weekly episodes (“chapters”), behind-the-scenes articles, a monthly newsletter and a monthly video.  Whenever you join, you will have access to everything posted since the novel launched on the Patreon platform.

At the end of the process, patrons will also receive ‘Tallow’, a collection of love letters written from one character to another as well as audio recordings of a handful of ‘Tallow’s’ pieces.  Patrons will also receive a copy of a top-secret document not to be revealed until the ‘epilogue’.

While the novel (which we’re now calling a series) has moved to Patreon, you can still read the Opening Scene and Episode One here on the website.  You’re also invited to read up on the author and the rest of the Harlow Street team.  Be sure to check out Christine Kilfoil’s illustrations in the gallery.

In closing, here’s what some of those faithful readers of the novel’s first version are saying.







Please note that, as the story is set in England, British English spelling will be used throughout this website.  Also, please note that the novel comes with a content advisory warning and is recommended for adult readers.