Based on the Victorian literary trend of publishing chapters of a forthcoming novel on a weekly basis in the newspaper, The Girl on Harlow Street is a serial novel available chapter by chapter every Friday.  Readers can enjoy one chapter at a time quickly or wait for chapters to accumulate for a longer reading session.  As it was in the 1800’s, feedback on the evolving story is welcome, only now in the modern age, on the novel’s social media platforms and via email.

The creation of a story is a story in itself and, if you choose, you can follow the novel’s development behind the scenes.  In the PROCESS section of the site, you can read about people, places, memories and moments informing the work.  In the GALLERY,  you can look at the illustrations by illustrator Christine Kilfoil and in the CONTRIBUTORS section, you can read up on the people helping bring the story to life.

Two years have gone into the writing of the novel before it launches and many of the chapters have been written.  That said, you’re watching a story grow and evolve so there will be changes along the way.  Furthermore, you can watch it evolve for free.  The Girl on Harlow Street is a working novel, earning a place in the lamplight on your nightstand. So, please, come and follow not only the story’s inner on-page world, but also its outer off-page journey both of which are an unfolding mystery.


Please note that, as the story is set in England, British English spelling will be used in the novel and throughout this website.  Also, please note that the novel comes with a content advisory warning and is recommended for adult readers.