Adrian Kettering: Spirit in Midair

So I have this beautiful character called Adrian Kettering who, much like Holls and Wellsy, is a casualty of the tentative Aubrey-thread cut.  Dark, desperate and addicted to god-knows-what, Adrian bears the name Kettering, the Northampton street where my ancestors … Read More

Mistwell Heath

It’s a bleak Monday morning in mid-November and before I start my day, I want to tell you a little bit about Mistwell Heath, The Girl on Harlow Street’s town.  This town, often called the Heath, has come to me … Read More

Holls & Wellsy

With Remembrance Day just around the corner, I want to introduce you to Holls and Wellsy, a couple of characters dear to my heart who, because of the Aubrey thread cut, are at worst, out of the story and, at … Read More

Rosegate’s Garden

Rosegate’s back garden is one of The Girl on Harlow Street‘s main settings which is why I asked Christine to illustrate it once she’d finished the book cover which depicts the front of the house.  As you’re aware by now, … Read More

Creating Rosegate

While Rosegate, the Victorian house on Harlow Street, is a figment of my imagination, two houses in my family’s history have influenced its creation: my paternal grandparents’ house in Northampton, England and my great great-grandparents’ house which was on Lordship … Read More

From Words to Visual Art

  Initially, artist Christine Kilfoil was going to create the book cover and portraits of the story’s principal characters, nothing beyond that.  However, once I saw the cover and the first portrait of protagonist Aubrey Holloway, I was so impressed, … Read More

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