Cemetery Grove: Creating the Graveyard

  One of the most important settings in the novel is Cemetery Grove, the old family graveyard located through the archway in the far wall of Rosegate’s back garden.  This place has been clear in my mind from the story’s … Read More


  With many of us finding ourselves at home with some extra time on our hands, I thought now would be a good time to share three of the modern-day Phil chapters that will eventually be flowed into the section … Read More

Scene Pending: Fortune Cookies

  Hopefully you can’t tell when you’re reading but I find the Victorian sections of the novel more challenging to write than the modern-day Phil sections.  So sometimes when I have a busy week, I find myself writing the Phil … Read More

Scene Pending: The Jumble Sale

  I must’ve known there were problems in Claire and Phil’s marriage way back when because this scene (which I wrote in the fall but left out of the novel) already showed the heartstrings which bound them to each other … Read More

Scene Pending: Phil Goes Off On a Tangent

  I’m giving a little bit away here, but I’m working on a possible story thread at the moment which involves Phil falling from grace in the fidelity department.  I’m not a hundred percent certain of this but I wanted … Read More

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