Chapter Pending

  Author’s Note:   This chapter is called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ and will be placed in the chapters which deal with Justine’s marriage to Anthony Winterbourne.  If you’ll recall her visit to painter Seymour Higgins’ studio after Anthony’s death, she … Read More

Project Update

  Once I pull the website version of ‘The Girl on Harlow Street’ into a manageable manuscript for editor Kendra Guidolin to edit, I will have the challenging task of arranging the three main narration threads:  the two first-person Victorian … Read More

Project Update

  I haven’t planned this post; it’s materializing on the screen in front of me but there’s something I’ve been wanting to voice in print since yesterday.  I’ve said this before, but writing for hours on end can be a … Read More


  I don’t usually do this but I’m posting the chapter which I wrote today and included in the section I’ve just sent off for legal review.  So, this is coming straight from my overactive imagination directly to you.  I … Read More

Project Update

  Having taken three weeks off from posting (but not from writing!), I thought I’d share my thoughts with you on where ‘The Girl on Harlow Street’ is headed next and what’s been happening behind the scenes while I’ve been … Read More

Project Update

  I thought it was about time I posted another project update on what’s happening behind the scenes and between the lines as well as give you a few hints as to what lies ahead for Justine now that Gregory … Read More

Project Update

  It’s been a while since I posted a project update so I thought I’d post one today to let you know how things have been developing this past month.  If you’re up-to-date with the novel, you’ll be aware that … Read More

Iridescence: Chapter Pending

  This is the fourth chapter in the pending Phil/Jeannie thread so be sure to read the others before it so you get it in sequence.  That said, most of this chapter will be ending up in the main novel … Read More

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