Project Update

  I thought it was about time I posted another project update on what’s happening behind the scenes and between the lines as well as give you a few hints as to what lies ahead for Justine now that Gregory … Read More

Project Update

  It’s been a while since I posted a project update so I thought I’d post one today to let you know how things have been developing this past month.  If you’re up-to-date with the novel, you’ll be aware that … Read More

Iridescence: Chapter Pending

  This is the fourth chapter in the pending Phil/Jeannie thread so be sure to read the others before it so you get it in sequence.  That said, most of this chapter will be ending up in the main novel … Read More

Dramatic Irony: Chapter Pending

  Here is the next chapter in the pending Phil/Jeannie thread.  You’ll see the odd reference to some things you haven’t yet read about in the main story, the first being the ending to Gregory and Justine’s relationship and the … Read More

Project Update

  Seeing as I’ve been buried in 1849-50 for months now, I thought I’d come up for air yet again to give you another update on some story developments as well as on some things that are happening with the … Read More


  This is the second chapter in the pending “Fall from Grace” series dealing with Phil’s sexcapades with Jeannie Robbins so be sure to read the first chapter called “Fall from Grace” which I’ve posted before this one.     … Read More


  This is the first of the series of chapters dealing with Phil’s fall from grace with co-worker Jeannie Robbins.  I’m including it, along with the series here on the process section as I’m still very undecided on its inclusion … Read More

Project Update

  In keeping with the product–process nature of this website, I thought I’d share another project update on some of the things on my mind with regards to the next few months’ chapters, including the novel’s structure, my next writing … Read More

Project Update

    It’s been a year since I asked artist Christine Kilfoil if she’d be open to illustrating an on-line novel, web designer Kenda Blum if she’d design the website for it and arts, entertainment, IT and copyright  laywer Michael … Read More

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