Project Update


Having just posted chapter 90, after a two-month hiatus from posting, I thought it’d be a good time to share a project update with you all.  I hope everyone had a good holiday season on the coattails of a very stressful 2020, and that this new year is going to bring better times for all of us.  Before I get into the update, I want to say a big thank you to Christine Kilfoil who has completed her work for the project. Christine is about to graduate from her program at OCAD into other professional endeavours, and I wish her all the best.


While I’ve taken a lengthy break from posting, I’ve taken that break with many chapters already completed, but just not published on the site.  The reason I’ve held them back is because they need to be strategically organised in a way that you get a strong, cohesive read within the framework of an unfinished, developing novel.  I’ll need a good deal of focus to present these chapters to you in a succinct, readable form which offers up enough reveals to keep you mentally satisfied, but holds enough reveals back to keep you reading to the end.  Speaking of reveals, I have kick-started this new sweep of chapters with a “big reveal” chapter.  In my eventual rewrite of the novel, I will probably have to go back to the novel’s earlier chapters to weave in a subtler lead-up to this divulgence.


My main task in the coming weeks is to work on the last stretch of the novel, the section in which the two main storylines — the modern-day Phil chapters and Aubrey’s Victorian story — come together.  I have already finished the first draft of all these final chapters.  However, as I mentioned above, I need to spend quite a bit of time arranging, reworking, and tweaking them before I share them on the website.  Once this is done, I’ll be going back to fill in some story gaps.  These “fill-in-the-gap” chapters will probably be posted as “chapters pending” on the process section.  My literary to-do list includes:  writing Justine’s second husband, Everett Marsh, further developing Sir Gregory and Lady Emeline’s story thread with a focus on Lady Emeline, rewriting the scenes dealing with Ada and Sidney’s deaths and the burial of Sidney’s body, and working on Aubrey’s distant relationship with her parents who are living in the United States.


I am posting videos regularly on Facebook and LinkedIn now, videos in which I talk about different aspects of the project.  I’m also really excited to have been invited to my first-ever book club meeting this March.  And on a final note, my daughter Rebecca has agreed to make a little video of the area in London which used to be Paternoster Row.  This area figures quite prominently in ‘The Girl on Harlow Street’.


Thanks for your continued reading and support!


Rosemary x